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Riverbridge Primary School

Who's Who

At Riverbridge we strongly believe in the wider community of the school and helping our children to become good citizens within that community.  

We can do this with support from parents, governors, local clubs and activities and our surrounding neighbours.  We believe that by working in partnership with different members of our local community we are able to harness more opporutunities for our children and strengthen the provision overall.

The Leadership Team

Mr. Paul Grimwood Headteacher
Mrs. Sian McCarthy Deputy Headteacher
Mrs. Jan Ronicle Inclusion Leader
Mrs. Nina Talkington Early Years & Key Stage 1 Phase Leader
Mrs. Louise Price Key Stage 2 Phase Leader/English Subject Leader
Mrs. Sophie Campain Curriculum Team Leader
Miss Louise King Maths Subject Leader
Mrs. Claire Quillish School Business Manager
Mrs. Mary Ellen McCarthy Executive Principal

The Teaching Team

Mrs Nina Talkington

Reception (Mrs Talkington-Early Years & Key Stage 1 Phase Leader)

Miss Becky Snow 

Reception (Year Group Leader)
Miss Lauren Mihelyi Reception
Miss Cissie Heffernan Year 1
Mrs Shannon Bruton Year 1 (Year Group Leader)
Miss Sarah Loky Year 1
Miss Jo Shaw Year 2 (Year Group Leader)
Miss Ellie Bruton Year 2 (SCITT)
Miss Rosie Frost Year 2
Miss Rebecca Hamilton Year 2
Miss Prue Friend Year 3 (Year Group Leader)
Miss Imani Rigg Year 3 
Mr Silvana Rekaj Year 3 
Miss Abbey Gunn Year 4 (Year Group Leader)
Mrs Emma Shaw Year 4
Mr Hans Christensen Year 4
Mr George Toms Year 5 (Year Group Leader)
Miss Jennifer Goldswain Year 5
Miss Laura Knox Year 5
Mrs Louise King Year 6 (Year Group Leader)
Mrs Isha Mehmet Year 6 
Miss Katja Neumann Year 6
Mrs Louise Price Year 6 (Fridays - 6M)

Pastoral Co-ordinator

  • Mrs Jane Wallace

Home School Link Workers and Mentors

  • Mrs Lyn Lenton Clarke
  • Mrs Jane Hughes

Teaching Assistants and Special Needs Assistants

  • Mrs Alyson Aldred
  • Miss Michele Bancroft
  • Mr Tommy Bennet
  • Mrs Mandy Bennett
  • Mrs Christina Bridges
  • Mrs Marion Brunton
  • Mrs Samantha Carter
  • Mrs Adina Cornateanu
  • Mrs Stephanie Court
  • Mrs Tracey Culey
  • Miss Hayley Currier (maternity leave)
  • Miss Emma Davie
  • Mrs Heather Di Virgilio
  • Mrs Celia Dotson
  • Mrs Vanessa Enderby
  • Mrs Ludmilla Essed
  • Mrs Sandhya Ganesh
  • Mrs Kayleigh Hames
  • Mrs Alicja Holden
  • Miss Carrie Holman
  • Mrs Karen Hughes
  • Miss Jade Hull
  • Mrs Gina Jimenez
  • Mrs Helen Jones
  • Mrs Laura King
  • Mrs Sarah King
  • Mrs Samantha Leveritt
  • Mr Jack Lumb
  • Mrs Rebecca Markey
  • Mrs Nicola Macdonald
  • Mrs Samantha McLoughlin
  • Miss Denise Murgia
  • Mrs Sidra Muzakir (maternity leave)
  • Mrs Mehataj Nagoor
  • Mrs Ingrid Neumann
  • Mrs Simone Paul
  • Mrs Kuljit Phagora
  • Mrs Katherine Powlson
  • Mrs Sophie Rattlidge
  • Miss Emily Richards
  • Mrs Robyn Roberts
  • Mrs Elissa Sewell
  • Mrs Sue Shaw
  • Mrs Anamika Shingadia
  • Mrs Pippa Spink
  • Mrs Sue Stroud
  • Mrs Kim Tamlyn
  • Mrs Sue Thompson
  • Mrs Joanne Thorne
  • Mrs Jill Thomson
  • Mrs Maree Thomson
  • Mrs Beatriz Vicente
  • Mrs Katie Vincent
  • Miss Sophie Wallace (maternity leave)
  • Mr Royce Waters
  • Mrs Wendy Wells

Support Staff

Mrs Claire Quillish School Business Manager
Mrs Julie Williams Office Manager
Mrs Wendy Kent School Secretary
Mrs Sarah Adams School Secretary
Mrs Hena Bhagalia School Secretary
Mrs Hazel Harvey School Secretary
Mrs Karen Waldron School Secretary
Mr Peter Llewellyn Site Manager

Breakfast Club

  • Mrs Sarah King
  • Mrs Marion Brunton
Riverbridge Primary School