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Starting School at Riverbridge

Whether starting in Reception or joining one of the other year groups, we understand that the transition process needs to be as smooth as possible to enable children to make the best start at Riverbridge. 

Please take a look at our 360° tour to see the wonderful learning environment that both our Park Avenue and Knowle Green base provide.


For children joining us in Reception, we would hold an Induction evening for parents and carers only around the end of May-beginning of June.  During this event we give lots of practical information to support the transition into school.  For those children who have not attended our Nursery, we also invite parents to sign up for a Home Visit. Home Visits are an opportunity for the teacher and teaching assistant to meet with you and your child at home for approx 15-20 mins and discuss anything that needs to be discussed to support your child’s start to school. 

Your child will be invited to come and visit their new classroom and new teacher in a taster session as part of a small group.  This takes place in the summer term, usually in June.  At the beginning of July we invite all the children into school to spend two hours one morning in their new classroom with their new teacher and teaching assistant, and it is a chance for them also to meet their classmates as a whole group. 

In September the children have a staggered start dependent on whether they are autumn, spring or summer born.  At the end of this period we plan for all children to be full-time however this is closely-monitored as we are aware that there may be some children who find the full day attendance difficult.  If this is the case, we work closely with the parents and identify the best way forward.

Some children find the separation from Mum or Dad in the morning difficult.  On most of these instances, we ask that you say a clear goodbye and let us manage the upset.  Whilst it is hard as a parent to leave your child upset, in our experience 99 times out of 100 the tears stop flowing as soon as Mum or Dad has left!  We will always ring to confirm whether your child has settled about half an hour after the beginning of the school day.

Years 1-6

When a new child is starting in a year group other than Reception at the beginning of the academic year (September) where possible they are invited to the Move Up morning. This usually takes place at the beginning of July where all the children spend the morning in their new class with their new classmates and their new teacher. 

When a child transfers during the academic year, we will invite the family to visit the school, meet their class teacher and to talk through any questions or concerns that the change may bring.

Teachers are available in the playground or at their classroom door at the beginning and end of each school day for brief catch-up chats so those parents wishing to check on how their child is settling are able to do this informally.

For information about starting at our Nursery, please see the separate section 'Our Nursery' on the website.


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