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Football Team Selection

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We are pleased to announce the starting boys and girls A and B football teams. We would like to remind players that behaviour as well as performance, will decree their place and any movement between the teams.

The boys teams will train on Wednesday lunchtimes and the girls teams on Thursday lunchtimes. Please ensure that the children bring the correct kit to school on this day including trainers or moulds and shin pads.

We are lucky enough to now take part in intra-trust competitions for a range of sports, therefore, there will be other opportunities for a range of children and year groups to represent Riverbridge.

Congratulations to all of the below children who have successfully made the football teams.

Boys A Team

Boys B Team

Girls A Team

Girls B Team

Jetson L

Ezra B

Matilda C

Kayana B

Alex DC

Haider M

Lina S

Charraine H

Constantin E

Kyle K

Chloe G

Dorcus D

Finley B

Jacob D

Sienna I

Ivy W

Quinn M

Harley R

Ramira YS

Danielle H

Pranav V

Harrison D

Juno C

Keira L

Kaelem H

Sriwin V

Pearl T

Valenkey F

David R

Jasper Y

Felicity H

Alvina A

Harper L

Raniah YS

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