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Riverbridge Primary School

School Council


School Council (summary)


What is a School Council?

The school council is a group of students who represent the views of all pupils and help to improve the school.

What does the School Council do?

Representatives of the school council meet together with a lead member of staff to discuss matters involving the school. They have the opportunity to share ideas and suggestions for improving the school and sorting out any issues or problems.

What jobs do school council members have?

There are two representatives from each class who meet together with other members of the school council every half term.

  • They take part in discussions and votes and relay any relevant information back to their class. School councillors may also ask their class for ideas and suggestions which they then feedback to the council for further debate and discussions.
  • They have the responsibility of checking the class suggestion box and noting down the relevant suggestions written and shared by other pupils to talk about at the next school council meeting.
  • Some members get the opportunity to record the ‘minutes’ of the meeting which involves writing up whatever has been discussed and agreed at the meeting and then identifying the actions needed to follow up each agenda.