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Lumen Learning Trust

Riverbridge Primary School


At Riverbridge we teach phonics using letters and sounds. Throughout the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 phonics is taught daily in discreet 20 minute sessions. For information about what is taught in each phase of letters and sounds please see the table below.



Phonic Knowledge and Skills

Phase One (Nursery/Reception)

Activities are divided into seven aspects, including environmental sounds, instrumental sounds, body sounds, rhythm and rhyme, alliteration, voice sounds and finally oral blending and segmenting.

Phase Two (Reception) up to 6 weeks

Set 1 - s a t p

Set 2 - i n m d

Set 3 - g o c k

Set 4 - ck e u r

Set 5 - h b f ff l ll s ss

Phase Three (Reception) up to 12 weeks

Set 6 - j v w x

Set 7 - y z zz qu

Consonant digraphs - ch sh th ng

Vowel digraphs (and trigraphs) ai ee igh oa oo ar or ur ow oi ear air ure er

By the end of phase 3 children will know 1 grapheme for each phoneme.

Children are taught letter names

Phase Four (Reception) 4 to 6 weeks

No new grapheme-phoneme correspondences are taught in this phase. Children learn to blend and segment longer words with adjacent consonants, e.g. swim, clap, jump.

Phase Five (Throughout Year 1)

Children learn more graphemes for the phonemes which they already know, plus different ways of pronouncing the graphemes they already know. They are also introduced to split digraphs.

Phase Six (Throughout Year 2 and beyond)

Working on spelling, including prefixes and suffixes, doubling and dropping letters etc.
























Phoncis Information Evening

On Thursday 2nd October we held a Phonics Information Evening for parents which had over 100 people in attendance and was a great success. Please find links below to the PowerPoint and leaflet from the evening.