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A Primary Trust for Primary Schools

Lumen Learning Trust

Riverbridge Primary School

Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6)

The same curriculum subjects are taught as for years 1 and 2, at an appropriate level for the children as they progress through Key Stage 2.

The children in years 4  will also attend a weekly swimming lesson. They will be taught to develop their skills in the water as well as life-saving and survival skills. Our pupils also compete in 2 local swimming galas.

We computers in every classroom as well as 15 laptops along with a wide range of technical equipment such as hand-held cameras and computer-linked microscopes. 

We encourage and promote fitness throughout the whole school, and provide many opportunities to participate in a wide range of sports and activities. Children in KS2 compete in the District Sports competition.









   Design and Technology

   Modern Foreign Languages

  Pyhsical Education

  Religious Education