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Riverbridge Primary School

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    Our Nursery 

    In response to parental feedback which indicated a preference for full days’ attendance, we are consequently making changes to our Nursery offer and will no longer be offering 5x half day sessions.  From September 2016 our basic 15 hour offer will be in two options:



    • Monday 8.45-2.45
    • Tuesday 8.45-2.45
    • Weds 8.45-11.45    





    • Weds 12.00-3.00
    • Thursday 8.45-2.45
    • Fri 8.45-2.45


    As you are probably aware 15 hours is free to parents as it is funded by the government.


    However, if parents would like their child to attend for the full week we may be able to offer the additional 15 hours at a cost of £82.50 (£5.50 per hour).  Parents will be able to pay online and we will need to take bookings at half termly intervals.  We are not able to offer occasional days or less than the additional 2.5 days and refunds will not be given if a child does not attend for any reason.  Please indicate on the attached form if you would be interested in a full time place.


    As the children will be attending full days they will require a packed lunch on those days.  In addition, those children who attend on Weds afternoons will also require a packed lunch; those children who attend Weds mornings will not.

    If you have any specific questions please ring our Office Manager, Mrs. Julie Williams on 01784 227960 option 3.